Добро пожаловать в Иране
Иран - одна из самых больших исламских стран на Ближнем Востоке. Он граничит с семью странами, на западе - с Ираком, Азербайджаном, Арменией и Турцией, на востоке - с Туркменистаном, Афганистаном и Пакистаном, и с севера омывается Каспийским морем, а с юга - Персидским заливом.
По данным Юнеско, Иран занимает третье место в мире по количеству памятников (после Египта и Италии).
С разнообразными территориями, включающими снежные горы и километры побережья, страна предлагает вдохновляющий выбор возможностей в том, что касается спорта, активных видов отдыха и достопримечательностей. Иран гордится историческим персидским наследием и гостеприимством местных жителей.
Иран - драгоценный клад для тех, кто любит культуру и шарм Ближнего Востока.
Со множеством хорошо сохранившихся мечетей, замков и других шедевров архитектуры, визит в страну - как путешествие во времени.

Religious Tours:
The shrine complex of Imam Riza (AS) was developed on the site of the eighth Imam's tomb, in what was at the time of his death in 817 the small village of Sanabad. In the tenth century the town acquired the name Mashhad, 'Place of Martyrdom' (used for any burial place of a Muslim martyr), and became the most sacred site in Persia.
  Ecotourism Tours:
extends to the south western coast of the Caspian Sea, west of the Sefid Rood delta and south of the port of Anzali. Rivers, streams and water from irrigation drains into this wetland, which covers an area of more than 100 square kilometers. Most of the rivers terminating in this wetland take their source in the mountains of Talesh,
  Historical Tours:
Persepolis (Persian: Takht-e Jamshīd) is perhaps the best-known archaeological monument of Persia (Iran). Here in the twinkling of an eye we can leave the modern world behind and find ourselves in about 500 BC at the capital of the greatest empire the world had known to that time: the Persian Empire.
Sportive Tours:
ran's vast topographic diversity provides the avid birder with a fantastic opportunity to observe an excellent cross section of shore and wading birds. It is because of this diversity, we are pleased to announce our special expedition to the Qeshm Island Hara Mangroves. Located just two kilometers off the Iranian coast
  Health Tours:
Iran with the great  potential  is the best origin for tourists.
Mineral water,hot  with different properties in the north,center,west  and south of country absorbed large number of tourists for it’s juncture&skin treatment …etc  every year.


                              IRAN Tourist Visa
The clients can apply through the Iran embassy of their country. The Iran embassies will get the needed documents and will answer your request in the accurate duration. If the embassy refused your application OR want the invitation letter OR the authorization number OR the hotel voucher, you can apply through the second way. Mostly the visa issuance process would take longer. The entire visa issuance service fee will be paid to the embassy directly.

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