Bird Watching
Iran's vast topographic diversity provides the avid birder with a fantastic opportunity to observe an excellent cross section of shore and wading birds. It is because of this diversity, we are pleased to announce our special expedition to the Qeshm Island Hara Mangroves. Located just two kilometers off the Iranian coast, the Qeshm Island mangroves are not only home to over 60 varieties of birds but are the largest mangroves encompassing 85,686 hectares.
Whether you are in search of Common Babbler, Finch Vulture, Dalmatian Pelican or Red-necked Phalarope the Qeshm Island mangroves provide both the novice and professional birder with one of the world's unique ecological biospheres.

Hunting Trekking
Iran offers Sport Hunting in to foreign hunters and collectors in more than 16 different reserves throughout the nation, accessible to foreign hunters, only. The most important wildlife trophies of the area are well represented and offer excellent opportunities to the trophy hunter.

Mountain Biking
Iran Alborz region offers numerous possibilities for mountain bicycling from Alborz ranges throughout the landscape of North forests of Iran. Also Zagrous Mountains region is suitable for biking.

Having Caspian Sea in the North, the Persian Gulf and Arab Sea in the South along with many big rivers all over the country, Iran provides proper opportunities for lovers of fishing, while staying in Iran. You can taste Caspian caviar, Persian Gulf shrimps and tuna fish.

Horseback Riding
Horseback ride in the fields of Turkman Sahra with Turkmen tribe and visit and stay beside the nomadic tribe of Shahsavan and Horseback ride in the prosperous fields of Azerbaijan and in the mountain foot of Sabalan volcanic peak, would be a memorable experience for everyone who travel to Iran.

Desert Safari
Vast lands of clay, gravel, running sands and some are swampy and others are salty deserts,Pure silence, absolute peace, brown and white salty land in contrast, innumerable stars in desert sky vivid and far is some remarkable characteristics of Iran deserts. In general traveling in Iran deserts are reflecting on creation.

Camel Riding
Since the main route of the Silk Road is situated in Iran and during the years many commercial caravans passed the route, so there are very wonderful remains of old caravansaries and water reservoirs in the route, In general, camel-riding Iran are an experience to the past history.

The existence of long stretched mountains, deserts and vast fields, low plains near the equator, which all result high difference in temperatures between two places at the same time, make it possible to do trekking in all the seasons in different mountainous and deserted regions of Iran.

Scuba Diving
The limpid coastal waters of the Persian Gulf are the result of the coral coasts and Islands.

Long permanent rivers that stretch from the mountains to the fields give the possibility of kayaking, canoeing and rafting from mid spring until mid summer.

Mountain Ski
The unique geographical situation of Iran and its cold mountains, which cause heavy snowfalls in winter, make alpine ski possible until the beginning of summer in the mountainous regions of Zagrous and Alborz and over peaks of Sahand and Sabalan.