Health Tour
Iran with the great  potential  is the best origin for tourists.
Mineral water,hot  with different properties in the north,center,west  and south of country absorbed large number of tourists for it’s juncture&skin treatment …etc  every year.
Untouched nature and beautiful village like Kelardasht and  so on are as a place to rest and is a paradise for health tourism.
Iran has experienced doctors and hospitals with modern equipments offer a standard services with the good price of services  is allocated a great number of medical tourism  every year.

Mahallat Thermal Springs
The Mahalat thermal spring is located to the northeast of Mahalat city. This spring is one of the most important mineral water springs in Markazi province. It is one of the deep thermal springs which become warm through vapors of burning stones of inner layers of the earth and finally reach the surface. The Mahalat Thermal Spring has attracted tourists since long ago. Every year thousands of people come to this area from far and near by vicinities, in order to cure their skin or bone diseases. The temperature of the water is 50 centigrade and is effective in healing different kinds of diseases such as gout, diseases related to kidneys, liver, etc. There are two different kinds of thermal springs in Mahalat according to their chemical compositions and effects. These are called, healing water and rheumatism waters.
The best season to make use of Mahalat thermal springs is spring and summer. Near these thermal springs, many hotels, a tourist lodge and a public bath was built. The inhabitants believe that the amount of warm water has increased after the earthquake which took place 40 years ago. Near the Mahalat thermal spring, there are several mineral springs. The most important ones are: the Shafa, Soleiman and Hakeem Springs which are effective in healing many skin and rheumatic disorders.

Sarein Hot Water Springs
Sarein is located 28 km west of Ardabil. Thousands of people travel to this town every year to enjoy its hot springs which are rich in silicate minerals, chloral and bicarbonate waters. Bathing in the springs is believed to have calming effects especially on nervous pains and rheumatism.

Haji Abad Thermal Spring
he said spring is located on Bandar Abbas - Hadji Abad Road and is approximately 30 km. east of Hadji Abad, nestling in the skirts of the mountains. The water of this spring is of a sulfuric type.