About Tabriz
Tabriz is the fifth most populated city in Iran, one of the historical capitals of Iran and the present capital of East Azerbaijan Province. It is situated in the valley of Quru River and its elevation from sea level is about 1,350 meters. Tabriz is located in a valley to the north of the long ridge of the volcanic cone of Sahand, south of the Eynali mountain. The valley opens out into a plain that slopes gently down to the north eastern end of Lake Urmia, 60 kilometres (37 miles) to the west. With cold winters and temperate summers the city is considered a summer resort.
The estimated population of the city is around 3,000,000 based on results of the Iranian census bureau. Tabriz is the fifth most populous city in Iran after Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, and Karaj. Tabriz is a major hub for heavy industries including automobile, machine tools, oil and petrochemical and cement production.

  Central Bazar:
constructed in Seljuk period and is the world biggest roofed Bazar.it’s and architectural master piece.

  Azer Bayjan Museum:
this museum is known as Iran second biggest historical museum.

this great complex enjoys eye-catching lake, park all worthwhile to watch.

  Ruined Grind:
considering it’s waterfall and fig trees is considered one of the most beautiful in East Azarbayjan.

  Kabood Musque:
constructed in Gharaghoyunloo era (15 century AD) this mosque is of great splendor and beauty due to its incredible tiling is known is Islam firoozeh.

  Alishah Citadel:
one of the most beautiful citadels of the country constructed in 15 century AD.

  Kandovan Village:
one of the worlds three well-known Rock villages located in a beautiful valley by a big river.